Al Kulenski Building & Remodeling
"The Basement Finish Guy!"

Our Process

We have a 6 step process for all our construction projects:

Step 1 – Initial Onsite Consultation

We begin with our project evaluation and preliminary estimate. We meet with the client at their location to take measurements and discuss the details of what the client wants for the project. Later, a detailed intake list is prepared. We offer free design services and assistance in selecting every detail of project.

Step 2 – Design & Bidding Process

Plans are designed and a detailed estimate is prepared. A formal written contract is prepared. This bid is then presented to the client for approval and any revisions are made at this point. If the bid is accepted, we collect the deposit and begin construction. The project starts within 7-10 days of signing and receipt of the deposit. Basements are finished within 7-10 weeks. New homes will take longer. Remodels depend on the scope of the project.

Step 3 – Material Selection

In this phase we meet with the client and the materials for lighting, decoration and paint colors are selected within the agreed upon budget, the contract is adjusted if needed.

Step 4 – Rough Construction

This is where the real construction work begins. We start by demolishing any existing structure if needed and then doing the rough framing carpentry. When that is complete, our electrician, plumber and HVAC technician install their portions as needed. The jobsite is cleaned daily. At all times the project is supervised directly by Al Kulenski. When complete, we have the necessary inspections by the city for each of these. All inspections are handled by us and we guarantee that everything will pass inspection.

Step 5 – Finish Construction

After successfully completing the first phase of inspections, we begin the finish phase of construction. At this point the project is insulated where needed, drywall is hung, taped and textured and the walls and ceiling are painted. Next, the trim carpentry is done along with flooring and the electrical, plumbing and HVAC finish work. After completion of these tasks, another city inspection is performed.

Step 6 – Projection Completion

At this point, all the inspections have been passed and the new addition/basement is occuable, but we opt to put extra finish on all our projects, including a punch list of minor issues and a meticulous final clean.